Lufthansa Cargo Fleet Developments

Unpainted Lufthansa 777F

Lufthansa Cargo’s third 777F (D-ALFC, msn: 41676), seen here just after it was rolled out of the factory last month, is nearly ready for delivery.

Last year, when the carrier received its first 777F, there was speculation that the 777s would replace MD-11Fs on a one-to-one basis, and for a short time, it looked like that would be the case when Lufthansa parked two MD-11Fs (48413 & 48414, both converted former VASP/Varig aircraft) in December. Since then, however, one of these (48414) has returned to service, representing additional capacity. The other MD-11F (48413) was ferried to Lufthansa Technik’s Tulsa facility in January where it will be scrapped.

One prediction that has proven correct is the routings on which the new 777Fs are currently being used. The two aircraft in service now (msns: 41674 & 41675) are plying Europe-North America routes including:


Lufthansa cargo has two more 777Fs on order following this third example.

For a bit more on Lufthansa’s future 777F plans, click here.

© Photographer: Alex Kwanten

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