Lufthansa cargo targets new customer: the passenger

Friday has rolled around again, and, as we often do, we are adding some videos to the day’s post. But first, the news:

As part of an initiative to increase profitability in a challenging market environment, Lufthansa Cargo said it was enhancing its product portfolio. No surprise in that, as adapting to changing market conditions (in air freight or any other business) often requires new products.

What is surprising, is that Lufthansa’s move will include targeting “a completely new market segment” – the passenger. Lufthansa said that through its new myAirCargo product, “passengers and private individuals will now be able to send any kind of personal item via air freight, quickly, simply and cost-effectively.”

At the other end of the product spectrum, Lufthansa said it would also revamp its basic offering in the “hotly contested standard freight market.”

The carrier did not provide any additional detail about its new products, nor indicate whether it intended to use them to approach shippers directly.

And now, for your weekend viewing enjoyment, here is a short film about the production and delivery of Lufthansa’s first 777F.

Of course, in addition to its five 777Fs, Lufthansa still operates thirteen MD-11Fs. Here is one of them taking off from Manchester in very nice light.

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