Solving the air/sea/road dilemma

Many of you are in Seoul today, enjoying TIACA’s biennial festival of all things airfreight-related. One of those things is Boeing’s release of the new issue of the World Air Cargo Forecast. which we will analyze, and compare to Airbus’ recently released Global Market Forecast, tomorrow.

But for today we’ve got something completely different… Something that will truly tax your knowledge of the global freight business.

However, before we get to that test, a quick reminder that the annual Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium is now less than three weeks away, so if you haven’t already registered, or need more information, visit the Symposium website.

And now, here is your chance to show off your logistics chops. It’s “Global Player – Reloaded” from Germany-based forwarder and logistics services provider Dachser. It’s where you decide what gets shipped by air, what goes by ocean, and what can just be loaded into trucks.

So make sure your employees are all busy doing something useful, close your office door, get your logistics hat on, and go to the game page on Dachser’s website: Global Player Reloaded. Have fun, and we’ll see you at the Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium in Miami on 22 – 24 October.

Dachser Global Player screenshot

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