Exclusive report on Precision’s latest conversion

Take that, you other boring conversion houses! Photo Credit: Precision’s Chief Halloween Officer, Brenda Mallet.

Following an exclusive interview with Precision Aircraft Solutions VP Sales and Marketing Brian McCarthy, Cargo Facts can reveal Precision’s latest move in the narrowbody freighter conversion market.

“All those other conversion houses are so boring. All they can think of is the same old same old. Tiny incremental steps. But not us. We at Precision are not going to be satisfied with offering the same thing for the third or fourth time.”

We weren’t sure where he was going with this. True, Precision had recently teamed up with Air Transport Services Group to form a joint venture – 321 Precision Conversions – to offer passenger-to-freighter conversion of the Airbus A321-200, but that seemed to be a natural progression rather than an out-of-the box leap.

He looked around to make sure no one could overhear us, and then continued: “Everybody has been doing the same thing with freighter conversions for decades. Boeing this. Airbus that. B727. A300. B737, B767, B747, A330. We’ve even been guilty ourselves.” He sighed. “Yes, first it was the B757, and now it’s the A321.”

“Well, yeah, but what else are you supposed to do?”

He almost jumped to his feet. “Be Bold! That’s what we should do. Make the leap! Dare to be different!” Steadying himself, he lowered his voice: “For decades, it’s been A or B. B or A. Well, that’s not good enough for us at Precision, and we decided to make the game-changing move of going to C. Or maybe even D.”

Once again looking around to make sure no one was paying attention, he reached across the table and slipped a small USB drive into my hand. “Take this. There’s only one file on it, and you’ll see immediately that we didn’t stop at C or D, but jumped all the way to P.”

That’s right, Cargo Facts can exclusively reveal that Precision Aircraft Solutions has launched the P321 P-to-F. A fourteen-pumpkin-position conversion designed specifically for the Perishables trade.

And, with that, we wish you all a happy Halloween.

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