Goodbye Seattle, hello London – CargoLogic gets a 747-8F

A few years ago, the Seahawks morphed from perpetual mediocrity into one of the best football teams in the US. “So what?” I can hear you asking. “What does that have to do with the air freight industry?” And, sneeringly, from our European readers, “That’s not even football.”

A 747-8F in Seahawks livery flying over Seattle.

A in Seahawks livery flying over .

We’ll leave the argument about what is or isn’t football for another day, but for anyone who lives in the northwest corner of the US, the connection between the local football team and the air freight industry for the last three years has been a 747-8 freighter painted in Seahawks colors. Initially, it was unit 37564, one of the first s built – ordered by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, but not taken, and now reserved for test purposes. More recently, it has been unit 60119 – one of four built in mid-2015 for a customer (believed to be Asiana) whose order never firmed up.

But while Asiana’s order may have evaporated, three of the four freighters soon found new homes, with two going to Russia-based and one to Azerbaijan-based Silk Way West. And, as of two days ago it is clear the fourth will soon be flying to London Stansted Airport (STN) where it will be operated by , the recently launched sister carrier of . How clear? As clear as a fresh paint job can make it. (You can see the freighter in both its new and old liveries here.)

Both AirBridge and are subidiaries of Russia’s Group, which signed a Memorandum of Understanding with last year for the acquisition of twenty 747-8 freighters. The two recent deliveries to AirBridge, and the imminent delivery to have been firmed from that MoU, and Cargo Facts expects most of the others will be firmed in the not-too-distant future. Also worth noting is that we believe these three freighters have been leased from Capital, rather than purchased.

To get your weekend off to a good start, here are some related photos and videos. First, a video of the original Seahawks :

And a video from , showing its first freighter, a 747-400F:

A in livery:

An AirBridgeCargo 747-8F. Photo: Maarten Visser/Wikimedia

An . Photo: Maarten Visser/Wikimedia

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