Sixteen more 777 Freighter orders

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Ethiopian Airlines placed a firm order with Boeing for four 777 Freighters. Ethiopian currently operates two MD-11Fs dry-leased from Boeing Capital Corporation, and two owned 757-200Fs, and ACMI leases a 747-200F from Southern Air. According to Boeing and Ethiopian, the 777Fs will replace the carrier’s existing freighter fleet, although we assume Ethiopian will keep its 757 freighters, as these are not directly replaceable by 777Fs.


This order was previously attributed on Boeing’s website to an unidentified customer, and so did not change the total number of 777F orders the manufacturer has booked. However, at the end of the day yesterday, Boeing updated its orders and deliveries website, removing an order for two units from another undisclosed customer, but adding six-unit orders from two more undisclosed customers. Cargo Facts believes these two are likely China Southern Airlines and the Hainan Air Group, both of which have publicly said they have committed to six units (with Hainan’s six slated for Hong Kong Airlines). This brings the acknowledged order total to 114, but FedEx is known to have ordered 15 units contingent only on there being no change to the governance of the company’s labor relations. With the FedEx order included, the total rises to 129.


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