CF EMEA: Intra-Europe widebody freighter operations

UPS is one airline looking at its future medium-widebody freighter needs.

FRANKFURT — The increasing congestion at major European airports and growing express volumes may not be enough to push carriers to upgauge freighters utilized for intra-European routes, according to UPS.

During the third session at Cargo Facts EMEA 2020 earlier this month, Jens Poggensee, vice president of transportation procurement for small parcels by air, and road and ground handling in APAC, Europe and ISMEA at UPS, said upgauging from the 767 is a “problematic” step because, although the number of slots won’t increase, there are also opportunities to decentralize away from hubs and provide consumers with more convenient options using ground delivery.

UPS already flies a number of 767-300Fs around Europe, based at the company’s European hub in Cologne (CGN), including units 28039 and 28041. These two aircraft are on lease from Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM), the leasing division of Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), and were redelivered in the second half of 2019 after being converted by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). UPS also has an agreement with Star Air, which operates 767-200Fs and 767-300Fs for the integrator on an ACMI basis.

FedEx Express recently began upgrading its intra-European capacity to the 767-300F platform, flying them on routes from Paris (CDG).

In the clip below, Poggensee shares his thoughts on whether we can expect to see more widebody freighters flying within Europe.

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