Recent Freighter Aircraft Transactions

Every week in Cargo Facts Update, we include a list of recent freighter aircraft transactions, and then a comprehensive summary in the monthly issue of Cargo Facts. Each reference to a freighter aircraft transaction (FAT) in our publications contains a unique FAT code linked to the FAT database on the website. This database is available to subscribers as an interactive tool on our website, and you can go to it from the “FAT Data” tab at the top of the home page, or directly at

Below, we include the transactions from issues of the Cargo Facts Update published in the last three weeks, and we encourage you to make use of the FAT database here on our website.

FedEx placed a 30-unit launch order for ATR’s 72-600F production freighter.

FedEx is the Launch Customer for ATR’s new production freighter. ATR signed an agreement with FedEx for the purchase of thirty ATR 72-600Fs, with options for twenty more [FAT 004131].

UK-based Network Airline Management (NAM) ACMI leased a 747-400F (27603) from Air Atlanta Icelandic [FAT 004120]. The freighter will be operated for Kenya-based Astral Aviation. NAM said the freighter would “help it develop its presence in Africa,” particularly in the Kenyan perishables market to move flowers and vegetables from Nairobi to the UK.

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings acquired a 747-400BDSF (27062) from GECAS [FATs 004118 – 4119]. This is a 1992-build aircraft operated in passenger configuration by EVA Air until it was converted to BDSF freighter configuration in 2008. EVA continued to operate it until retuning it off lease to GECAS in July 2017.

Kalitta Air acquired a 747-400F (26411) from Korean Air [FAT 004092]. Korean retired the freighter from service in April.

Malaysia Airlines returned a parked 747-400F (28434) to service [FAT 004102]. The freighter has been in storage since early 2016.

More freighters for Ethiopian. In years past, air shows have served as soapboxes for cargo carriers to announce large freighter orders. However, this year’s Dubai air show was not one of those events, as most of the massive orders were for narrowbody passenger aircraft. An exception was Ethiopian Airlines, which inked a deal with Boeing for four 777Fs [FATS 004114 – 4117]. The order firmed up a previously announced commitment for two 777Fs that was announced in June, and adds two additional aircraft to the Addis-Ababa-based carrier’s order book. Ethiopian’s freighter fleet currently consists of six 777Fs, and two 757Fs.

FedEx took delivery of two 777Fs (40684 and 42704) from Boeing [FATs 004094 and 004121].

Taiwan-based EVA Air took delivery of a 777F (62824), the first of five it has on order with Boeing [FAT 004101].

Lufthansa Cargo returned a parked MD-11F (48781) to service [FAT 004122].

FedEx returned a 767-300F (32572) to LATAM Cargo, off lease [FAT 004123].

US-based Northern Air Services (NAS) acquired the first of three 767-300BDSFs (25195, ex-American Airlines) on long-term dry lease from Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM, the leasing arm of Air Transport Services Group). Northern Air Services will hand the freighter back to ATSG for initial operation on a CMI basis [FATs 004090 – 4091]. NAS, the parent of airlines Northern Air Cargo and Aloha Air Cargo, as well as of virtual airline StratAir, is in the process of adding the 767 to its AOC, and will eventually operate this freighter itself.

Aloha Air Cargo leased a 767-300BDSF (25451) from Cargo Aircraft Management. Aloha will hand the freighter back for CMI operation by ATSG subsidiary carrier Air Transport International. [FATs 004103 – 4104]. As with the 767-300BDSF for Northern Air Cargo, above, once parent Northern Air Services adds the 767 to its subsidiaries’ AOCs, Aloha will  operate the freighter itself.

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (AAWW) took redelivery of a 767-300BDSF (27205, ex-Thomas Cook) following conversion to freighter configuration by Bedek Aviation Group. Through its Titan Aviation Holdings leasing subsidiary, AAWW leased the freighter to Amazon, which will return it for CMI operation by Atlas Air in the Prime Air network [FATs 004124 – 4126].

Canada-based Cargojet acquired a 767-300BDSF (25197, ex-American Airlines) on long-term dry lease from Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM, ATSG’s leasing arm) [FAT 004089]

Air Transport Services Group acquired a 767-300ER (25445, ex-American Airlines), and will have it converted to BDSF freighter configuration by Bedek Aviation Group [FATs 004105 – 4106].

Another 757 freighter for SF. China-based SF Airlines acquired a 757-200 (27805, ex-American Airlines) from Aircastle. SF will have the aircraft converted to PCF freighter configuration by Precision Aircraft Solutions at the HAECO facility in Chengdu [FAT 004107 – 4108].

Spectre to convert six 737-700s to freighters. US-based lessor and aircraft manager Spectre Air Capital purchased six 737-700s and will have them converted to BDSF freighter configuration by Bedek Aviation Group [FATs 004095 – 4100]. The aircraft are units 29042, 29068, 29084, 29085, 30512, and 30513, all ex-Xiamen Airlines.

ASL Airlines Ireland acquired a 737-400F (29203, ex-Aero Contractors) on lease from GECAS, following conversion to freighter configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc [FATs 004109 – 4110].

Swiftair ACMI-leased a 737-400F (26302) from Iceland-based Bluebird Cargo on a six-month contract that began 3 October [FAT 004093]. Spain-based Swiftair’s CEO, Salvador Moreno, confirmed to ch-aviation that the deal includes an option to further extend the contract an additional six months. Not including the ACMI-leased -400F from Bluebird, Swiftair’s own freighter fleet includes six 737-400Fs (four of which are ACMI-leased to EAT Leipzig), a single 737-300F, and a number of regional jets and turboprop freighters.

Mexico-based Aeronaves TSM took redelivery of an MD-80F (53288, ex-American Airlines) following conversion to freighter configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc [FAT 004111]. TSM’s fleet now includes seven MD-80Fs and six DC-9Fs. The carrier has three more MD-80s and two CRJ200s in or awaiting conversion.

Three more MD-80Fs for TSM. Mexico-based Aeronaves TSM acquired three MD-83s and will have them converted to freighter configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc (AEI) [FATs 004128 – 4130]. Unit 53293 (ex-American Airlines) will enter conversion in December, followed by 53292 (also ex-American) in February 2018, and 49941 (ex-Austral Líneas Aéreas) in April. TSM currently operates six MD-82Fs/83Fs, and has one more in conversion. In addition, the carrier operates five DC-9Fs, and has two CRJ200s in conversion with AEI.

Pinnacle Partners enters the CRJ200 freighter market. US-based aircraft manager Pinnacle Partners LLC acquired two CRJ200s (7417, ex-Delta, and 7421, ex-ExpressJet) and will have them converted to freighter configuration by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc [FATs 004112 – 4113]. Redeliveries are scheduled for March and April 2018. Pinnacle said it plans to acquire two more CRJ200s for conversion in 2018.

PNG Air converting one of its Dash 8-100s into freighter configuration. Papua New Guinea-based PNG Air has gradually been replacing its fleet of ageing Dash 8-100s (of which it still has nine in operation, and a tenth in conversion) with ATR72-600s. Seven out of twelve ATR72-600s have already been delivered. The freighter-converted Dash 8-100F (6) is expected to be redelivered in December [FAT 004127].

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