767 transactions dominate July Freighter Aircraft Transactions

A UPS 767-300F.

Of the 51 freighter aircraft transactions (FATs) recorded in July 2019, 35% involved 767s, the workhorse for domestic express and e-commerce in the United States, and increasingly, globally. Both production freighters and conversions saw an uptick in activity for the month with deliveries of two new-build 767Fs, one each to US-based integrators FedEx and UPS. Boeing and Israel Aerospace Industries also redelivered two freighter-converted 767-300Fs with one each going to Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM) and LATAM Cargo.

Although there has been a resurgence in 737-300 transaction activity, driven primarily by Rostrum Leasing’s acquisition and conversion of ex-Southwest airframes, inductions of 737-400s and 757-200s slowed – with just one 757-200 inducted for conversion by Precision Aircraft Solutions. As Bulgaria-based Cargo Air’s recently-deferred 737-400 and 737-800 conversions suggest, the global 737 MAX grounding continues to impact feedstock availability for narrowbody conversions.

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UPS took delivery of a 747-8F (64262) from Boeing [FAT 005036]. The aircraft was the twelfth unit of twenty-eight on order, leaving a backlog of sixteen units.

El Al Israel Airlines returned its only 747-400F (26563) off lease [FAT 005038]. The airline is retiring the aircraft after nine years of service and is ending its own freighter operations.

Flexport terminated its ACMI deal with Western Global Airlines involving a 747-400BCF (26356) [FAT 005067].

Shortly after, Flexport began ACMI-leasing space on a 747-400F (34283) from Nippon Cargo Airlines’ logistics affiliate, Plus Logistics [FAT 005068]. The aircraft is operated by Atlas Air on a CMI basis for NCA.

New startup Air Hawaii Cargo also entered into an ACMI agreement with NCA involving the same 747-400F (34283), to be flown by Atlas twice a week from Los Angeles (LAX) to Hong Kong (HKG) via Honolulu (HNL) [FAT 005078].

Atlas Air began flying two 747-400Fs (30588 and 32840) for Qantas Freight on an ACMI basis [FATs 005079 and 005080], replacing two other Atlas 747-400Fs (29253 and 29254).

FedEx took delivery of two 777Fs (40682 and 41737) from Boeing [FATs 005035 and 005066].

Qatar Airways took delivery of a 777F (66335) from Boeing [FAT 005075]. This is the seventeenth 777F for the carrier.

FedEx took delivery of a 767-300F (63107) from Boeing [FAT 005058]. The express integrator’s seventy-fifth 767-300F flew from Paine Field (PAE) to Indianapolis (IND). FedEx also ordered six additional 767-300Fs [FATs 005051-005056].

UPS took delivery of a 767-300F (65789) from Boeing [FAT 005074].

Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM) inducted a 767-300ER (29228, ex-LATAM) for conversion to freighter configuration [FATs 005048-005049]. The aircraft was ferried from Wilmington (ILN) to Tel Aviv (TLV) via Shannon, after having been ferried from Miami (MIA) to ILN at the end of June.

CAM acquired another 767-300ER (29229, ex-LATAM Airlines) [FAT 005081].

Israel Aerospace Industries redelivered a 767-300BDSF (24035, ex-American Airlines) to Cargo Aircraft Management [FAT 005077]. The aircraft was inducted for conversion in Tel Aviv (TLV) earlier this year [FAT 005076].

LATAM Cargo took redelivery of a 767-300BCF (35229, ex-LATAM Airlines Argentina) [FAT 005039]. The aircraft had been at the Evergreen Aviation Technologies (EGAT) in Taipei (TPE) since February 2019 and was flown from TPE to Bogota (BOG) via Los Angeles (LAX).

Cargojet acquired two 767-200s (30430 and 30431, both ex-UTair), and a 767-200BDSF (23801, ex-21 Air) [FATS 005082-5086]. The passenger aircraft will be converted to freighter configuration by IAI Aviation, and redelivered in 4Q19 and 2Q20, respectively. For now, the 767-200BDSF remains on lease to 21 Air.

An A330-300 (781, ex-Shanghai Airlines) was ferried to Dresden (DRS), ahead of expected conversion by EFW into freighter configuration [FAT 005037]. The aircraft had previously been in storage at Teruel (TEV).

Precision Aircraft Solutions inducted a 757-200 (25296, ex-American Airlines) for conversion at the Flightstar Aircraft Services facility in Jacksonville (VQQ). The aircraft will be redelivered to Spanish carrier Swift Air, on lease from Jetran. [FATs 005016 and 005019].

Swift Air took redelivery of a 757-200PCF (24617, ex-American Airlines) on lease from Airwork. The aircraft was converted by Precision Aircraft Solutions at the AerSale facility in Goodyear (GYR) [FATs 005069-5071].

Southern Air began operating a 737-800BCF (32663, ex-Jet Airways) for Amazon. The aircraft is on lease from GECAS and is the fourth to be operated by the Atlas Air subsidiary for Amazon [FAT 005043].

GECAS inducted a 737-800 (32348, ex-Pegasus Airlines) for conversion to freighter configuration by Boeing [FAT 005050]. The aircraft was ferried from Istanbul (SAW) to Shanghai (PVG), where touch labor will be performed by Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services (BSAS).

My Indo Airlines added its first 737-400F (24559, ex-AsiaCargo Express) [FAT 005040].

UK-based Titan Airways took redelivery of a 737-400SF (25853, ex-British Airways), on lease from Automatic [FAT 005041-005042]. The aircraft was converted by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. at the Commercial Jet facility in Dothan, Alabama (DHN), and was ferried to Stansted (STN) via Montreal (YMX) and Reykjavik (KEF).

Vx Capital took redelivery of a 737-400SF (25773, ex-Yamal Airlines) following conversion to freighter configuration by AEI [FAT 005073].

Ireland-based Rostrum Leasing took redelivery of a 737-300F (27713, ex-Southwest) following conversion to freighter configuration by PEMCO [FAT 005044].

Rostrum Leasing also inducted another 737-300 (27710, ex-Southwest) for conversion by PEMCO at its facility in Tampa (TPA) [FAT 005045].

Startup carrier Mongolian Airways Cargo took delivery of its first freighter, a 737-300F (25172, ex-China Postal Airlines). The aircraft landed in Ulaanbaatar (ULN) on delivery [FAT 005072].

Cebu Pacific took redelivery of a converted ATR 72-500F (820) from IPR Conversions [FAT 005059]. The aircraft is the first freighter for Cebu Pacific and previously flew in passenger configuration with the airline.

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